Bunions In Kids

foot-doctors-california-los-angelesBunions are normally associated with adults, but juvenile bunions can also form.

The usual causes are the foot structure and gait (walk) that children inherit, which causes the big toe to lean inward, creating problems in alignment for several bones in the foot. Bunions can also be caused by trauma or injury.

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While adults can have some extra bone overgrowth that accelerates the bunion, this is not usually the case in children. Kids and adolescents usually have structural problems where the bones are pointed in too much, and/or the cartilage of the big toe joint is structurally shifted. Children with flat feet tend to have a high chance for bunions too.

The conservative treatment methods for treating bunions in kids include: Toe spacers, toe splints, supportive shoe gear, and orthotics. It’s important to note that children have soft and developing bones, so bunion splints may be especially helpful.

When  non-operative efforts don’t work, bunion surgery for kids involves moving the maligned bones back into proper position. Usually, it is best to wait to wait until skeletal maturity in a child before trying bunion surgery.

In general, girls reach skeletal maturity between ages 13-15, while boy usually reach this between ages 15-17. Pain, age, severity, and effect on lifestyle are important decision-making factors. Some children stop being active because of bunion pain. Each case is different, but in all cases, nonoperative options should be tried before surgery.

If your child has bunions, it’s best to start the nonoperative measures as early as possible to lessen the need for bunion surgery as a child. If you’re an adult with bunions, you should also try non-operative procedures.

However, if your bunions keep getting worse, then you may want to consider “No Scar” bunion surgery which uses a far smaller incision. This means less swelling, less scar tissue inside the foot and outside the foot. Traditional surgery usually leaves scars and keeps you off your feet for a much longer time. No Scar bunion surgery will soon have you back on your feet without scarring or physical therapy.

If you have foot pain, do not let it go untreated or it could very well get worse. Get your foot looked at today so that tomorrow is pain-free.

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