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What You Need To Know About Walking

los-angeles-california-foot-doctorsAs warmer weather arrives, more and more people will be outside walking.

Most people think that walking is an easy activity, but walking for longer periods of time or far distances can be hard on the feet for people who do not normally walk much.

To learn how to keep safe, keep reading!

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How to Prevent Running Injuries

los-angeles-podiatristMany folks who run for sport or recreation have to deal with some kind of foot injury.

When people become more active, their rate of injury actually rises, but the recovery time for active people is much lower then people with sedentary life styles.

How do you prevent running injuries from happening? Keep reading!

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How to Find the Right Running Shoes

Running may seem like a simple activity, but actually involves movement that puts a lot of stress on the 33 joints, 26 bones, and over 100 ligaments in your foot.

Choosing the right shoe is an important step in decreasing foot injury risk.

Which shoes should you pick? Keep reading!

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What To Do If You Have a Heel Bruise

While ankle sprains are the most common ankle/foot injury, a heel bruise can be very painful.

The heel bone, also known as the calcaneus, is the largest bone in the foot and the primary weight bearing bone.

A heel bruise can happen because of a sudden injury or from repetitive impact on the foot. What should you do if you have a heel bruise? Keep reading!

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Good Stretches for Your Feet

According to Runner’s World, there are some simple foot and ankle exercises that can help you avoid post-run pain and injuries such as plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis.

To learn these exercises, keep reading!

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Wearing High Heels Can Cause Female Runners to Stumble

Running is like any strenuous physical activity and can lead to overuse injuries.

But research shows that female runners often experience intense foot pain that is caused by wearing fashionable shoes with narrow, pointed-toes when not running.

This can set women up for a neuroma, a nerve disorder of the feet. To learn more, keep reading!

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Are Barefoot Running Shoes Good for Feet?

It has become one of the latest running crazes, but barefoot running shoes could easily cause an injury.

Researchers have found that runners who switched to barefoot running shoes too quickly had increased risk of injury.

To learn more, keep reading!

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Do Special Running Shoes Prevent Foot Injury?

When the outside part of your heel makes initial contact with the ground, the foot “rolls” inward and comes in complete contact with the ground, and should be able to support your weight.

This movement is called “pronation,” and it’s critical to proper shock absorption so  you push off evenly from the front of the foot.

Do special running shoes help pronation and keep the foot from injury? Keep reading to find out!

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Can Ankle Weights Cause Foot Pain?

Millions of Americans strap  weights around their ankles during their daily jog, but some fitness experts say that using them may cause foot and ankle pain.

Ankle weights are pouches that have weights, sand or water inside. When strapped to your ankles or wrists, they add between three and 20 pounds of resistance to any lower body movement.

While this extra resistance helps you burn more calories, it may not be a great idea for your feet and ankles. To learn more, keep reading!

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