Is There a Healthy Way to Wear High Heels?

foot-doctors-los-angeles-caAre your killer heels killing you more than you think?

High heels are one of the biggest factors for foot problems in women, from ingrown toenails to irreversible damage to leg tendons, but ladies still enjoy wearing them.

Is there a healthy way to wear high heels?

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New York Giants’ Jon Beason Needs Foot Surgery

New York Giants’ middle linebacker Jon Beason fractured a sesamoid bone and tore ligaments in his right foot in June, but has been playing through the pain.

After aggravating the injury, Beason has finally agreed to surgery.

What does Beason’s future hold, keep reading!

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How to Avoid Skateboard Foot Injuries

Many kids and adults enjoy skateboarding, along with its gravity-defying joy of jumps, spins, and flips.

However, skateboarding tricks can result in a lot of hard falls and injuries to ankles and feet.

How can you avoid these types of injuries? Keep reading!

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How to Find the Right Running Shoes

Running may seem like a simple activity, but actually involves movement that puts a lot of stress on the 33 joints, 26 bones, and over 100 ligaments in your foot.

Choosing the right shoe is an important step in decreasing foot injury risk.

Which shoes should you pick? Keep reading!

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Do You Have a Broken Bone in Your Foot?

In the foot, toes usually break when something hard is kicked with force.

Broken heels are usually the result of falling and landing on the feet.

How do you know if you have broken bone in your foot and what should you do?

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Getting to the Bottom of Heel Pain

Heel pain is very common, especially for adults over the age of 40 and kids between 8 and 13.

The heel bone is the first bone in the foot to make contact with the ground, which makes the heel vulnerable to stress and pain.

What should you do if you have heel pain? keep reading!

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