How Advances In Bunion Surgery Can Help You

foot-surgeons-los-angelesMore than 20 percent of adult Americans currently suffer from bunions, and close to 66 percent will have a bunion in their lifetime.

The good news is that bunion surgery has advanced and progressed, so there is much less (if any) scarring and a faster recovery time. To learn more, keep reading!

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What You Need To Know About Walking

los-angeles-california-foot-doctorsAs warmer weather arrives, more and more people will be outside walking.

Most people think that walking is an easy activity, but walking for longer periods of time or far distances can be hard on the feet for people who do not normally walk much.

To learn how to keep safe, keep reading!

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Is Your Big Toe Feeling Stiff? Here’s What To Do

los-angeles-california-foot-surgeonsDoes your big toe feel stiff?

Is it getting harder for you to bend it?

You may have a condition called “hallux rigidus,” which is a form of degenerative arthritis.

What should you do if you suspect  this problem? Keep reading!

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Do You Have Numbness In Your Heel?

foot-surgeons-california-los-angelesAre you experiencing any numbness in your heel or in other areas of the foot? You may be suffering from a condition called Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.

The tarsal tunnel houses nerves and links part of the ankle bone to a set of ligaments in the foot.

When one of those nerves inside the tarsal tunnel, the tibial nerve, becomes compressed, you may feel numbness on the bottom of your foot. Symptoms may also include shooting pain and tingling sensations.

What should you do if you suspect you have Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome? Keep reading!

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How Women Can Avoid Foot Pain

california-foot-doctors-los-sangelesWomen are usually more likely to experience foot problems than men.

This is often due to improper shoes, structural differences of the foot,  and hormones that allow muscles in the feet to relax and expand.

This means women are more susceptible to ankle sprains, bunions, hammertoes, neuromas, plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendon pain.

What can women do to avoid foot pain? keep reading!

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What Are Hammertoes?

foot-surgeons-doctors-los-angelesHammertoes usually happen to the second, third, or fourth toe. Hammertoes are caused by a muscle/tendon imbalance, which may be the result of a person’s problematic walk, shoes that are too narrow or short, or have excessively high heels.

Shoes not properly sized will force toes into a bent position for long periods of time, causing the muscles to shorten and toes to bend.

What should you do if you get hammertoes? Keep reading!

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How To Cure High Heel Hangover

foot-surgeons-los-angelesThe day after wearing high heels is when women can have major foot pain.

This day-after foot pain is called “high heel hangover.”

A high heel hangover may be mild to intense. The pain could be localized or throughout the foot.

Here are some remedies to get your feet feeling better fast, after wearing high heels, keep reading!

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